The past few weeks had been rather busy for Ken. His involvement in the Tokyo Babylon movie was coming to a close after several months of work.

He was a little sad to see it end, really. It would mean that he wouldn't be working with Issei anymore, since they'd be pulling in an actor who looked a little older to play Subaru's part.

Issei was a good friend. Ken had to admit that he idly wished that they could be more than that, as he'd become rather fond of the pretty young man. But Issei was deeply in love with a pretty young girl from Kyoto, so Ken never got around to mentioning how he felt. He doubted that Issei would have been interested anyway.

He felt a little wistful about the whole thing, but he refused to let their friendship go sour over it.

The day had been uneventful for the most part. He went over his lines for a scene later in the day, talked with his agent who had another movie deal in the works, and went to lunch with Issei and Hiyoshi. Then he was back on the set, getting ready to go to make-up...

That was the last thing he remembered.

The next thing that he was aware of was that he was lying on his back, feeling very sore, especially his shoulder, and he couldn't see anything, presumably because it was dark.

And he felt... strange. It was hard to explain. But then, maybe that was just a concussion. He definitely felt fuzzy enough to have a concussion.

He wasn't aware of it yet, but there was a slow trickle of blood running down the side of his face. He looked alright otherwise, though he was definitely going to have a lot of bruises....